1. Oregon Coast

  2. Self Portrait

    Taken at Devils Peak, Oregon

  3. Polaroid of Heather

  4. My Brother

  5. Self Portrait


  6. Update

    Sorry for the lack of content, everybody. I’ve been preoccupied with other things that I’ve neglected my blog. That’s all about to change. 

    I’m going to start being a little more consistent with this blog as well as making some changes. One of the changes I want to make is to start showing more behind the scenes pictures of my work and give explanations to my workflow. 

    I’ve launched a new website

    It’s much cleaner and much easier to navigate than my old one. You can visit it at www.chrisebarb.com.

    I’ll be uploading more work soon!


  7. Self Portrait taken with a Mamiya RZ67 on Delta 100 film. 

  8. Close Encounter

  9. Gallatin River, Montana

  10. My brother, Aaron Ebarb